ITHACA, N.Y. — This year could be a big year for local elections with all seats of Tompkins County Legislature opening up and half of Common Council.

Last week, legislator Carol Chock, D-Ithaca, announced she would not seek re-election. In an interview with The Ithaca Voice last week, Chock said she thinks it’s “time for people with renewed energy and ideas to come forward, and I think it’s time for some of us old timers to think about getting out of the way for new energy.”

The Tompkins County Democratic Committee is holding a free workshop about running for local office from 10 to 11:30 a.m. March 25 in the Borg Warner Room of the Tompkins County Public Library.

Here’s an early look at what terms will expire in 2017, according to the Tompkins County Board of Elections. We will update this list periodically.

Tompkins County Legislature

All seats

City of Ithaca Common Council

1st Ward — Cynthia Brock (D)

2nd Ward — Seph Murtagh (D)

3rd Ward — Donna Fleming (D)

4th Ward — Graham Kerslick (D)

5th Ward — Deb Mohlenhoff (D)

Town of Ithaca

Town Justice — Jim Salk (D)

Town Board Seat — Patricia Leary (D)

Town Board Seat — Tee-Ann Hunter (D)

Town Board Seat — Richard DePaolo — (D)

Town of Caroline

Supervisor — Mark C. Witmer (D)

Town Justice — Harold A. Phoenix, Sr. (R)

Town Council Seat — Calvin Snow (B)

Town Council Seat — John Fracchia (D)

Town of Danby

Supervisor — Ric Dietrich (D)

Town Clerk — Pamela Goddard (D)

Highway Department — Carl Seamon, Jr. (D)

Town Council Seat — Rebecca Brenner (D)

Town Council Seat — Frank James (Jim) Holahan (D)

Town of Dryden

Supervisor — Jason Leifer (D)

Highway Superintendent — Richard Young, Jr. (D)

Town Council Seat — Dan Lamb (D)

Town Council Seat — Kathy Servoss (D)

Town of Enfield

Supervisor — Ann Rider (D)

Town Clerk — Alice Linton (R)

Highway Superintendent —Barry Rollins, Sr. (R)

Town Justice — Betty Poole (R)

Town Council Seat — Beth McGee (D)

Town Council Seat — Virginia Bryant (D)

Town of Groton

Supervisor — Donald Scheffler (R)

Town Clerk — April Scheffler (R)

Highway Superintendent — Richard Case, Jr. (R)

Town Council Seat — Ellard Sovocool (R)

Town Council Seat — Kelly Smith (D)

Town of Lansing

Town Council Seat — Robert Cree (R)

Town Council Seat — Doug Dake (R)

Town of Newfield

Supervisor — Jeffrey Hart (R)

Town Clerk — Karen Miller-Kenerson (R)

Highway Superintendent — Kevin Berggren (R)

Town Council Seat — Joanne James (D)

Town Council Seat — Christine Laughlin (R)

Town of Ulysses

Supervisor — Elizabeth Thomas (D)

Town Clerk — Carissa Parlato (D)

Highway Superintendent — Dave Reynolds (R)

Town Council Seat — Nancy Zahler (D)

Town Council Seat — Richard Goldman (D)

Village elections take place earlier. Village election polls for Cayuga Heights, Dryden and Groton will take place March 21. The Lansing Village election will take place April 25. For more information, visit the Tompkins County Board of Elections.

Kelsey O'Connor

Kelsey O'Connor is the managing editor for the Ithaca Voice. Questions? Story tips? Contact her at and follow her on Twitter @bykelseyoconnor.