ITHACA, N.Y.— Ithaca Beer Company’s Flower Power IPA has been named one of the “most important craft beers ever brewed,” according to Food & Wine Magazine.

Food & Wine Magazine recently ranked 25 craft brews that “spawned, defined and advanced the craft beer movement.” Flower Power IPA ranks No. 25 on the list and is the only New York brew that made the cut. The India Pale Ale is hopped and dry-hopped five different times throughout the brewing and fermentation process, according to Ithaca Beer Company.

Gregg Stacy, Ithaca Beer Company’s director of marketing and sales, said Ithaca Beer Company is proud Flower Power has been honored as such an iconic brand.

“…There are many rankings and polls out there, but this one is particularly special as the voting audience included a number of influential industry pioneers including Jim Koch from Boston Beer, Ken Grossman from Sierra Nevada and Sam Caligione from Dogfish head among others. We’re very pleased to have Ithaca Flower Power included among some of the most influential craft brands in America,” Stacy said in a statement.

Food & Wine’s list was curated with input from 21 experts and beer industry leaders. Each voter had to nominate five to seven beers they considered the most “important of all time” with the only stipulation that the beer must have started production after 1960 and met the definition of “craft beer” at the time it was introduced.

On this list, Flower Power IPA joins the ranks of Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA, Allagash White and Samuel Adams. Sierra Nevada ranked No. 1.

Here’s what Food & Wine had to say about it:

The modern American IPA evolved on the West Coast, where the vast majority of hops were grown and new varieties were being cultivated. East Coast IPAs rarely showed the same oomph as their West Coast brethren. But in 2004, Ithaca Beer Co.’s Jeff O’Neil changed that with Flower Power. “It was recognized as one of the first West Coast-style IPAs brewed here in the Northeast,” says Gregg Stacy, Ithaca’s director of marketing and sales. “Flower Power captured the true power of the hop flower (the origin of the name) with its clover honey hue, lush floral flavor and robust fruity aroma from numerous hop additions in the kettle, as well as dry-hopping.” After leaving Ithaca years later, O’Neil cemented his legendary status producing award-winning brews for another New York brewery, Peekskill Brewery.

Featured image provided by Ithaca Beer Company.

Kelsey O'Connor

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