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Please join us on Sunday, December 11th, 2016 from 2:00pm – 5:00pm at The Space @ GreenStar (700 W. Buffalo Street, Ithaca, NY) for a matchup event to connect community members with necessary community organizations, including many nonprofits and agencies. Many of us are seeing the writing on the wall: funding cuts for organizations that help provide basic needs and civil rights, which equalize social and economic wealth in our communities. If you have never volunteered before and have felt the pull to get more involved to support our vibrant, resilient, and inclusive community, but aren’t sure where to start, let this be your first step.

On Sunday, December 11th the Space will be filled with local organizations ready to share their missions, goals, and needs. Each organization will have a mailing list sign-up, a volunteer list sign-up where appropriate, and a donation box. This is truly a matchmaking event, a quick and fun way to see what is already in place in our community and to support existing efforts to help marginalized populations and the environment. What does each organization need to continue to foster equity in basic needs and civil rights in our community? Do they need volunteers, board members, funding, networking support? Each one of us alone cannot guarantee that all organizations thrive but together, if we each adopt one that inspires us and build a relationship with them, everyone in the community benefits. This is your chance to help build community!

If time is what you have to offer, great! Did you know that many of our beloved community organizations desperately need more volunteers? If funds are what you want to redistribute back into the community, they are always needed and much appreciated! Donated time and/or money can be done in the spirit of the holidays in the name of a loved one, the name of future generations, and the planet as a holiday present (we will have holiday cards as a gift for your giving).

During the event, there will be a silent auction to raise money for organizations and initiatives in rural communities that may not have access to this event. We are facing the hard truth that we are a divided nation and this divide has kept us suffering socially, economically, environmentally, and emotionally. This is one way we can begin to heal this divide.

Are you aware that Ithaca did not have an Alternative Gift Fair (IAGF) this year because of a lack of volunteers? The Community MatchUp fills an important need inspired by the very recent political shifts in our country. It was created to establish a network of volunteers and donors so that important events like the IAGF and critical programs in the community continue to thrive! The golden age of organizing and activism has begun and we are all invited to take part in the change that we see needs to happen. It’s time to tear down walls and nurture the values of acceptance, mutual respect, and unity. True prosperity will only manifest when EVERYONE’s basic needs are met and EVERYONE has a voice at the table of revolution.

There will be food, music, and good cheer!

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If you have or know of an organization who you would like to see tabling at the event, please share this registration form with them:

If you are inspired to donate an item or service to the silent auction please fill out this form:

Thank you in advance for your commitment to the community and happy holidays to everyone!

Together we can make great things happen to everyone!

Anna Kelles
Event Creator and Organizer
County Legislator, District 2
(607) 444-1776

Featured image provided by Community MatchUp.

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