ITHACA, NY – While the upset victory of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in the presidential race is foremost on everyone’s minds the day after the election, last night saw several close local and state races as well. Here are the final results of the other races that Tompkins voters had a say in on Tuesday:

Local races

There were several uncontested races across a few Tompkins municipalities, but they saw only minimal write-in opposition. So here we’ll only focus on the contested races:

In Dryden, two town council seats were up for election, each to fill out a one-year term. Incumbent Democrats Dan Lamb and Kathy Servoss held their seats against Republican challenger Deana Madigan.

Final tally:

  • Servoss: 3,546
  • Lamb: 3,313
  • Madigan: 2,510

In Enfield, one town council seat was up, also filling out a one-year term. Democrat Beth McGee overcame Republican William Connors to take the seat.

Final tally:

  • McGee: 784
  • Connors: 565

In Lansing, the a three-year vacancy for the Town Clerk position was contested. Republican Debbie Munson defeated Democrat Tammy Morse for the position.

Final tally:

  • Munson: 2,657
  • Morse: 2,181

In Ulysses there were two propositions put before the voters — one which would have turned the Town Clerk position from elected to appointed and the other which would do the same for Highway Superintendent. Both propositions failed to pass.

Final tallies:

Proposition One (Town Clerk)

  • No: 1,414
  • Yes: 990

Proposition Two (Highway Superintendent)

  • No: 1,465
  • Yes: 932

County races

After a controversial primary decision that led to Democrat Edward Kopko running on the independence ticket, Kopko was unable to defeat the Democratic committee’s choice of Matthew Van Houten.

Final tally:

  • Van Houten: 23,500
  • Kopko: 8,160

State-level races

Tompkins voters had varying levels of influence on four different state-level races.

First, for the state’s lower legislative house, the Assembly, long-time incumbent Democrat Barbara Lifton held her 125th Assembly district seat against challenger Republican Herb Masser, who had also challenged her in 2012.

Final tally:

  • Lifton: 32,179
  • Masser: 14,109

Different parts of Tompkins county voted as parts of three separate districts for the State Senate races.

The 58th State Senate district, which includes Ithaca, Enfield, Newfield and Ulysses along with a wide swath of the Southern Tier including Elmira and Corning, saw Ithaca’s own Leslie Danks Burke, a democrat, challenge incumbent Republican Tom O’Mara. O’Mara held the seat.

The 54th State Senate District, which Lansing is a part of, saw a three-way race between Republican Pamela Helming, Democrat Kenan Baldridge and Independent Floyd Rayburn. Helming one the race convincingly and will take the seat long-held by Republican Mike Nozzolio.

The 51st State Senate District, which includes Danby, Dryden, Groton and Caroline as well as much of Cortland and an oddly-shaped swath of land further east. There, Republican incumbent James Seward defeated challenged Jermaine Bagnall-Graham handedly to hold his seat.

Final tallies:

58th District:

  • O’Mara: 58,569
  • Danks Burke: 48,129

54th District:

  • Helming: 68,159
  • Baldridge: 36,830
  • Rayburn: 7,666

51st District:

  • Seward: 78,396
  • Bagnall-Graham: 28,669

National races

Aside from the presidential race, Tompkins voters also got a say one House of Representatives race and a Senate seat.

In the Senate, Democrat incumbent Chuck Schumer held his seat against Republican Wendy Long and two third-party candidates.

Final Tally:

  • Schumer: 4,787,449
  • Long: 1,864,413
  • Wilson (Green): 102,210
  • Merced (Libertarian): 43,845

For New York’s 23rd Congressional District seat, incumbent Tom Reed, a Republican, held off a challenge from Democrat John Plumb.

Final Tally:

  • Reed: 149,439
  • Plumb: 108,163

Michael Smith

Michael Smith reports on politics and local news for the Ithaca Voice. He can be reached via email at, by cell at (607) 229-0885, or via Google Voice at (518) 650-3639.