ITHACA, N.Y. — Ithaca College students launched an online photo campaign on behalf on contingent faculty who make low-wages and have no job security at the college.

The photos published on the IC Students for Labor Action Facebook page over several days. In them, contingent faculty, who work part-time at the institution, stand in front of a chalkboard with brief anecdotes about their experience working for IC.

All the anecdotes describe hardships stemming from low wages and unpredictable employment opportunities. For instance, one person states that she qualifies for Medicaid and another says she has been sent to collections due to her inability to pay her IC student loans. Several people state that they have to scrounge together other jobs throughout the year to make ends meet.

The pictures were published in advance of a rally on behalf of the faculty happening from 6 – 7 p.m. Wednesday at Free Speech Rock in front of the Campus Center at the college.

The rally is intended to invite people to stand in solidarity with the contingent faculty and show administrators people support better working conditions for IC employees, according to an event post.

Both the photos and rally were planned just weeks after negotiations broke down between the contingent faculty union and IC officials.

On Sept. 23, the union negotiating team walked away from the bargaining table. According to a statement from the union negotiating team, they said the administration was unprepared “had not come to the table with serious counterproposals on faculty compensation, job security or longer term appointments for over a month.”

College officials refuted those claims in a statement, saying progress had been made during the negotiations.

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The following are photos form the Facebook page:

Disclosure: A person featured in these photos is a member of The Ithaca Voice Board of Directors. We do not feel this has biased our reporting on the issue. Contact The Ithaca Voice with concerns at

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