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DRYDEN, N.Y. — Tiny Timber LLC is holding a public open house for members of the community to come and view their newest home. Tiny Timber is nearing the end of its research and development phase and is preparing to release their line of homes to the public.

Location: 44 Quarry Road (off of Ellis Hollow Road)

Time: Saturday, October 29 between 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Tiny Timber LLC builds affordable timber frame housing alternatives in the Tompkins County area. The concept for the product was inspired by the tiny house movement and the ideas behind it: to live simply, efficiently, and affordably without excessive space and clutter. Tiny Timber models range from 525 square feet to 1,050 square feet with larger models able to accommodate a whole family.

The primary goal of Tiny Timber is to create affordable housing in an increasingly expensive housing market. “We strive create home designs that are exceedingly cost effective without sacrificing quality and design” says owner Buzz Dolph. “We want to be able to provide new homes to middle class, ordinary folks.”

They aim to do this in two ways. The first is to create smaller homes that use space more efficiently. The second is to design homes that are assembled as timber frame kits. Wall and roof systems are pieced together on the ground before they are sent to the construction site. Once on the construction site the components are assembled. This greatly reduces time and cost of labor and streamlines the process.

Tiny Timber is currently working on building sustainable pocket communities in the Tomkins County area and personal construction for locals with their own plot of land. Tiny Timber is also looking to build solar farms in conjunction with their developments to give home buyers the opportunity to invest in renewable energy. Future plans are to collaborate with contractors and developers elsewhere to build pocket communities from their kits in other regions.

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Correction: The headline of this community announcement has been changed to more accurately reflect the open house.

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