LANSING, N.Y. — A Lansing jury deliberated for about 30 minutes before finding a 60-year-old Lansing man guilty of misdemeanor endangering the welfare of a child.

Lloyd Johnson, 60, admitted in court to showering nude with a teen over  period of about five years in a shared six-foot-by-six-foot shower with multiple shower heads. He said he was doing so out of convenience so he didn’t have to clean two showers of grit after he and the teen did yard work, adding that he gave the teen the option to use a guest shower. He says the incidents happened five times throughout the years.

On May 21, however, the teen testified that Johnson told him that he was in love with him and had been in love with him for years. The teen Johnson told him he was somebody he could be affectionate with, and that he’d also experimented with bi-sexuality when he was the teen’s age.

The teen — who recently came out as bisexual to his family — told Johnson that he viewed the man as a father figure only.

The conversation happened while both of them were nude — the teen in the shower and Johnson standing in the entryway of the shower.

Johnson took the stand Wednesday afternoon and said he never intended for comments to be perceived as sexual. He said he was reaching out to the teen because he’d been ostracized for a homosexual relationship he was in as a teen.

“I sort of knew what (Redacted) was going through with his friends…That made me feel bad.,” Johnson said. “The timing (in retrospect) obviously wasn’t appropriate.”

He said he told the teen, “You can’t hep who you fall in love with so just don’t worry about it.”

Several witness took the stand in Johnson defense saying that the man never made inappropriate sexual comments, and they never heard of him being inappropriate with children.

A jury, however, decided that they agreed with the victim and Assistant District Attorney Diane Lama.

“What matters is what he did, not why he said he did it,” she said.  “The law does not excuse us because we don’t want to have to clean two showers.”

Tuesday, the teen testified that the shared showers began happening years ago and he was too “uncomfortable and confused” to object.

The day of the alleged crime, the teen said,”He started off by saying he was taking a risk…He thought I was somebody he could be affectionate with.”

Lama said, “This is not an event a child can be expected to bear and process.”

She said that since he incident, the teen has struggled with his own age-appropriate relationship and had thoughts of suicide.

“This is a case of a 59- year-old man showing nude with a 16-year old and confessing a romantic love and sexual desire for a child,” Lama said. “Thank goodness (Redacted)…  reject his advances.”

Johnson is scheduled to be sentenced at a later date.

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Jolene Almendarez

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