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The Ithaca Fire Dept says thank you, congratulations and a heartfelt good bye, to Assistant Chief Mike Schnurle as he retires today from the Ithaca Fire Department with 36 years of service.

Mike joined the Ithaca Fire Department October 27, 1980 and was one of IFD’s first Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT). He was a strong advocate of EMS in the fire department and was on the cutting edge, holding advanced certifications in the field for many years.

Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in April, 1986, Mike was responsible for the training of new members. Lt. Schnurle ran a well regimented recruit training program and turned out some impressive firefighters. His programs included the latest in firefighter training and the understanding of the long history and deep tradition of the fire service.

Promoted to Assistant Chief in February, 2001, Mike is known for his strong leadership and knowledge in both Fire and EMS, as well as always being able to keep a cool head.
Mike has been a well respected shift commander, leader and friend. He will be missed.

Thank you to Mike and his family for all they gave to the Ithaca Community.

All photos provided by the Ithaca Fire Department.

Jolene Almendarez

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