ITHACA, N.Y. — Gryffindor defeated Slytherin 230-60 on Saturday in the finals of the Quidditch Cup during a game that came down to the Snitch round of play for the win.

The match, which took place on the second day of Ithaca’s Wizarding Weekend, was decided after Shjon Amaker of Gryffindor outmaneuvered the Slytherin seeker to grab the Snitch during the Snitch round of play.

Amaker captured the Snitch, which was a small yellow ball being swung from a rope in the middle of the pitch, after he assumed the role of Seeker for the final round. Amaker’s catch secured 150 points for Gryffindor, and sealed what was a dominating win for the side.

Gryffindor seemed to have control of the game right from the start, as they were ahead after both Quaffle rounds before Amaker secured the victory. The Quaffle rounds provided an opportunity for the winning side to showcase their team chemistry, and expose the space within the Slytherin side, which looked inconsistent defensively all match.

The lions’ chaser, Wilson Boyce, had a great afternoon for the side, both offensively and defensively, earning him the Ithaca Voice Man of the Match Award.

Boyce served as the Chaser during both Quaffle rounds, a position responsible for riding on the back of a bicycle and throwing the Quaffle into the net past the Keeper for ten points.

Boyce finished with 80 points on the afternoon, which led the team, while Amaker finished with 6 assists as the Gryffindor Retriever, before moving to Keeper. Boyce also made perhaps the defensive play of the game late in the Snitch round.

Late in the round, the Slytherin Seeker appeared primed to swipe the Snitch and a victory for the Serpents, before Boyce, who was playing Beater, swung his pillow into the arm of the Slytherin, batting her hand away from the Snitch and allowing Amaker to capture the win for the Lions

Inconsistent play from the Slytherin Beater and Keeper allowed Boyce to find the back of the net with regularity, and the winning side at won point held a 60 point lead late in the second Quaffle round.

The Slytherin side, however, was not about to let the game get out of reach, and mounted a comeback started by a controversial goal midway through the second Quaffle round.

The Slytherin Retriever won the ball, and handed it to the side’s Chaser, who rode toward the opposing net, barging into Amaker and forcing him out of his net before scoring. After the officials conversed, it was deemed that it could not be determined if contact was made, and the point would be decided via wizard duel.

Amaker lined up opposite the Slytherin Chaser, as both prepared to cast their spells toward one another. The official blew the whistle and the spells were cast, however Amaker’s use of an illegal spell cost his side ten points as the goal was ruled good.

This served as the turning point which Slytherin needed, as they stepped up defensively and were able to bring the game within 20 points by the end of the round.

This set up a winner-take-all Snitch round, in which Amaker showed his class to grab the Snitch out of the air and win the cup for his side.

The loss was a heartbreaking one for Slytherin fans, as they had seen their side mount an impressive comeback before falling just short of the title. However the runner-up performance caps off an impressive weekend for the Serpents.

Gryffindor, however, will be leaving the weekend as deserved victors.

All photos by Mike Blaney/The Ithaca Voice