ITHACA, NY – On Wednesday, Ithaca’s Planning and Economic Development Committee will hold a public hearing on the proposed Maguire dealership project that would be located on Carpenter Business Park, near the waterfront.

Following the hearing, the committee will discuss the matter further and may vote to send to the application on to Common Council for final approval.

This process is part of the Temporary Mandatory Planned Unit Development (TM-PUD) the city instituted earlier this year, which allows the city tighter control over waterfront development while the planning department works on specifics of new zoning for the waterfront area.

As such, it’s the first step in a long uphill climb for Maguire. Should the application pass through the Planning and Development Committee and then Common Council, it would still need to go before the city’s Planning and Development Board for site plan review.

The city’s criteria for determining if a project meets the requirements set out by the TM-PUD are as follows:

[su_note]In accordance with §325-12 Planned Unit Development of the City Code: The Common Council will consider an application for any PUD on the following criteria, among others:

  1. Does the project further the health and welfare of the community?
  2. Is the project in accordance with the City Comprehensive Plan?
  3. Does the project create at least one long-term significant community benefit?

In accordance with §325-13 of the City Code, applications for any development within the TMPUD will be evaluated using the following criteria, among others:

Is the project in accordance with the City Comprehensive Plan, which specifically lists the following:

  1. Promoting mixed-use development, including commercial and housing.
  2. Emphasizing waterfront activities.
  3. Reducing impacts of parking.
  4. Providing for additional employment opportunities.
  5. Promoting public access to the waterfront.
  6. Enhancing and preserving any environmentally sensitive areas.[/su_note]

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Michael Smith

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