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DRYDEN, NY – Employees at four organizations in Tompkins and Cortland counties will be upgrading their skills and improving their job performance, thanks to $60,000 worth of grants Tompkins Cortland Community College has secured from the SUNY Community College Workforce Development Training program.

The competitive grants are designed to provide workforce development training programs that support the creation and retention of employment opportunities in the state and local community. The training for the local organizations will be done by BIZ, part of Tompkins Cortland Community College’s Corporate and Community Partnerships initiative that offers training programs both for individuals seeking to develop skills and for companies seeking customized training solutions in a variety of areas, including manufacturing, leadership, technology, and customer service.

This marks the 11th year the college has won SUNY Workforce Development Grants to help local businesses. This year’s training programs will reach 730 individuals, bringing the total number of people served over the past 11 years to nearly 8,000. Combined, the grants have provided for more than $850,000 worth of training for organizations in Tompkins and Cortland counties.

Strategic Corporate and Community Partnerships Director Martha Hubbard worked with local organizations to design training programs aligned with critical business needs, and then applied for the training grants. “A crucial part of the service we provide to our community is working with organizations to identify skill gaps. We work with organizations to determine needs, and then customize training programs to address those needs. With the programs being partially funded through the SUNY grants, the training is provided to the organizations at a fraction of what it normally would cost. It allows these organizations to afford the training they need to continue to thrive and remain vital in our community.”

The training supported by the SUNY grants will assist five organizations and will be completed by June 2017.

The grant award recipients, location; grant total; and brief description:

¨ Ames Linen, Cortland; $4,704; group leader communication training

¨ Cortland Regional Medical Center, Cortland; $30,000; communication and customer services training for quality improvement in patient care

¨ Stork H&E Turboblading, Ithaca; $12,157; CNC programming and supervisory development

¨ Tompkins Financial, Ithaca; $13,139; training on managing and maximizing the multi-generational workforce

More information on customized training, non-credit professional development workshops, and grant funding is available by contacting Biz at 607.844.6586 or

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