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ITHACA, NY — Bickering Twins’ second pop-up Tuesday, August 2 was a resounding success.

39 diners attended the five course meal hosted in the Carriage House.

Fan favorites included the butternut squash soup with a purée of ancho chiles and and Fuji apples, as well as the Argentinian beef empanadas with red chimichurri.

Ithaca Voice Dining snapped photos from the kitchen with the twins during the entire dinner service.

(Verdict: they do actually bicker, but only a little.)

There are no set plans for another pop-up, but the hope is to make them a bi-monthly occurrence.

You can stay up to date on future events with Bickering Twins new website and mailing list.

All photos by Jennifer Wholey for Ithaca Voice Dining.

Bickering Twins | 114 N. Cayuga St. | (607) 319-0653 | Bickering Twins is the first restaurant founded by twin brothers Kevin and Corey Adelman. The restaurant will feature Latin American...

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