TRUMANSBURG, N.Y. — Taughannock Falls Park teemed with hundreds of triathletes and cheering onlookers for the 14th Annual Cayuga Lake Triathlon Sunday morning.

The race began with athletes swimming in Cayuga Lake, followed by a bike up Route 89 to Sheldrake and back. The final leg of the race took competitors running through Taughannock State Park’s gorge trail; down at the lake shore finish line, ice cream, massages, beer and other treats awaited them.

Photos by Mike Blaney.

Runners complete the final portion of the race.
A biker finishes the second portion of the race.
Female sprint triathlon top finishers: Anna Belliveau, Murphee Hayes, and Sheila Ariel.
Sprint triathlon top male finishers Curt Eggers, Sam Costich, and Steven Cammisa.
First place Intermediate race finisher Cassandra Benson and third place Lesley Middleton. (Second place Kathleen Hayden not pictured.)
Top intermediate male finishers Jack McAfee, Travis Turner, and Andrew Getzin.
Crowds of competitors in their family in Taughannock State Park.

Jennifer Wholey

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Mike Blaney

Mike Blaney is the executive director and co-founder of The Ithaca Voice.