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ITHACA, NY – Underground utility work is complete in the intersection of College and Dryden, and the intersection will be paved with base and binder courses to allow north-south traffic through the intersection by the end of this week.

At our Tuesday meeting, NYSEG announced that there have been further procurement delays for the tops to the electric vaults, which now won’t be delivered until the first or second week in September.  As a result, several construction activities will be adjusted to work around this issue, and sections of Dryden Road will need to be restricted for longer than anticipated.

While many students have already been arriving in Collegetown, all construction crews are working to minimize impacts to students during move-in weekend on August 19th to 21st.  There are changes to the update sent out last week in terms of traffic patterns:

Week of August 8 to 12:

  • Intersection will be paved by end of the week.  Traffic will be open to north/south traffic along College Avenue after intersection is paved.
  • Continued electric, gas, and telecom work on 200 block of Dryden

Week of August 15 to 19:

  • Electric vault installation near southwest corner of Dryden and College intersection.  Vault will have barricades and/or fencing to protect pedestrian traffic until vault lid can be installed in early September.
  • Telecom vault installation near intersection of Dryden and Linden
  • Electric vault in front of new apartment building on south side of 200 block will have barricades/fencing to protect pedestrian traffic until vault lid can be installed in early September.
  • Sidewalk and curb installation on south side, western portion of 200 block to connect new apartment building to College Avenue (except around open electric vault).

Move-in Weekend August 19 to 21

  • 200 Block of Dryden open to one-way traffic (westbound)
    • Road will not be paved.  Dust control will be provided.
    • 100 Block of Dryden open to intersection.
      • Note:  The 100 block of Dryden will be one-way westbound between the intersection with College and the entrance to the Dryden Road garage.

Week of August 22 to 26:

  • 200 block of Dryden Road will be closed to traffic for the week during electric vault installation at the corner of Dryden and Linden.
  • 100 block of Dryden Road will be open to one-way, westbound traffic from the intersection to the garage entrance, and two-way traffic on the rest of the block
  • Continued use of construction lifts on 200 block to finish up apartment building.
  • Continued underground utility work on 200 block of Dryden

Week of August 29 to September 2:

  • The 200 block of Dryden will reopen to one-way traffic westbound (until vault lids are installed).
  • The 100 block of Dryden will remain open to one-way traffic westbound between the intersection and the garage entrance (until vault lids are installed).
  • Continued underground utility work on east half of 200 block of Dryden
  • Start placing curb and new stormwater lines on 200 block of Dryden
  • Underground utility work starting down Linden Avenue
  • Construction activity at apartment building should be complete

The remainder of September will include underground utility work on Linden Avenue, storm sewer replacement in the 200 block of Dryden and northern portion of Linden, curb realignment in the 200 block of Dryden.  The anticipated date for paving the 200 block of Dryden Road is the end of September.

Continued construction activities will take place at the new Johnson School building through the Spring of 2017.

Michael Smith

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