ITHACA, NY – On Saturday, the Ithaca Professional Firefighters Association helped kids and families learn about fire safety in a fun and interactive way during their annual Kids Day event.

Enjoy this lightly annotated gallery:

Hates and coloring books for everybody!
Balloons, too.
This was the beginning of a sort of miniature fire obstacle course to teach kids how to escape a house in case of fire. First: they “wake up” to the sound of a smoke detector.
Then crawl through the “room” to keep under the smoke…
Climb through the window…
And out to the safety point, represented by the mailboxes.
They also demonstrated how they use their rope rescue equipment.
Loading up for a firetruck ride.
They also demonstrated how to use a fire extinguisher…
Complete with real fire.
Feeling the power of the fire hose.
Firefighters also took time to explain the equipment for anyone who was curious.

(All photos by Michael Smith / The Ithaca Voice)

Michael Smith

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