LUBBOCK, TX – At age two, he spoke English and Korean. At age eight, he was taking high school classes. He took his SATs at ten. And now, 12-year-old Jeremy Shuler of Grand Prairie, Texas is headed to Cornell to study applied and engineering physics in the fall.

According to a story from Texas Tech University, Shuler is the son of two aerospace engineers — his father, Andy, is also a Cornell alum. His mother, Harrey, left her career to focus on homeschooling him.

By age 11, Shuler had completed his high school courses, but due to his age, he could not get a high school diploma or GED to move on to college.

His parents eventually found Texas Tech University Independent School District, a program designed to educate students whose educational needs were not adequately met by traditional schools. That allowed Shuler to graduate at age 12, according to the Texas Tech article.

“While this is highly unusual, we feel that with the strong support of his parents – who will be moving here to provide him a place to live and study – and his unusual talents and thirst for knowledge, he will be able to thrive as an engineering student and take advantage of all that Cornell has to offer,” said Cornell Engineering Dean Lance Collins in the story.

If he keeps on this track, Shuler will have his doctorate degree by age 21.

(Featured photo courtesy of Texas Tech University’s YouTube)

Michael Smith

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