ITHACA, N.Y. — An Ithaca police official said Wednesday that a crackdown on pedestrian related violations this weekend is meant, in part, to stay ahead of problems that could be prompted by the Pokemon Go craze, which has hundreds of people out and about every day looking for Pokemon.

Officer Jamie Williamson said there has been a recent increase in the number of driver complaints of pedestrians violations that include jaywalking, crossing the street in front of oncoming traffic, walking in front of of moving vehicles and crisscrossing through intersections.

“We haven’t received any (specific) complaints related to Pokemon Go or anything like that, but we want to stay ahead of the game — make sure that there are no issues as the Pokemon Go craze, as it snowballs,” he said.

In a news release Tuesday, IPD stated that, “Officers will utilize a zero tolerance approach for all violations observed.”

Williamson said that in addition to pedestrians, officers will be ticketing drivers who pull forward too far in crosswalks and bicyclists committing traffic violations.

“We’re not picking on pedestrians,” he said. “We believe that this initiative this weekend is important to our community.”

Williamson said he knows some people were upset with the announcement, many suggesting on social media that police “catch the real criminals.”

He recommended that anyone who is concerned with a particular issue — whether it be drug deals happening in an specific area or the increase of traffic violations around the city — should contact IPD and make a complaint.

“Give us a call let us know,” he said, stating that the department welcomes feedback from the community.

Featured photo by Anna Kucher.