ITHACA, N.Y. — A Dryden man convicted of rape in June was sentenced to a total of 12 years in prison Friday morning — five years on one set of charges and seven on another that will be served back-to-back.

Jeffrey Horton, 51, was convicted of attacking and raping a woman he knew in her own home on March 24, 2015. He brutally beat her that night and stalked her the days before the rape.

The courtroom was full of supporters for both the survivor and Horton, with around 50 people crowded in court to watch the proceedings.

While the woman addressed the court, she said that during plea negotiations months ago, Horton told her, “Let the truth come out in the trial.”

“Guilty,” she said. “That is the truth.”

Horton also spoke during sentencing, rehashing perceived inconsistencies that popped up during the trial. At the objection of Deputy District Attorney Andrew Bonavia, Judge Joseph Cassidy had Horton end his statements.

Horton said he will continue to maintain his innocence, saying that he did not rape the woman.

The first five years were for first-degree burglary, second-degree burglary, third-degree stalking, fourth-degree stalking and third-degree menacing. The seven year sentence was for second-degree unlawful imprisonment, first-degree rape, first-degree criminal sex act, first-degree sexual abuse, third-degree aggravated sexual abuse, third-degree assault.

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Jolene Almendarez

Jolene Almendarez is Managing Editor at The Ithaca Voice. She can be reached at; you can learn more about her at the links in the top right of this box.