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(This play is part of the Kitchen Theatre Company’s Kitchen Sink Series that has support from CFCU Communit Credit Union.)

To cap off its fourth full season, Homecoming Players is bringing back the wildly popular Dotty, by Homecoming Players literary manager and Ithaca native Arthur Bicknell, which had its world premiere as part of the Kitchen Sink Series in July 2014.

Dorothy (“Dotty”) Parker (Kristin Sad), a divorced and once-successful editor and ghost-writer whose career has been rocky (at best) for the past several years, now faces an entirely new set of challenges. Shortly after the death of her father, she moves back to her family home in New England and is obliged to attempt reconciliation (both financially and emotionally) with her irrepressible mother, the once world-famous author of best-selling mysteries, Daphne Louise (“D.L.”) Parker (Camilla Schade). Now a resident of Crossroads, a posh senior assisted living center in New England, Daphne is suffering from a late stage of dementia that grows more pronounced daily. Daphne’s harsh treatment of her own daughter, coupled with her intimate friendship with Mabel Bean (Carolyn Cadigan), a childlike and fellow Crossroads resident, unleashes Dotty’s long-suppressed resentment and jealousy, and ultimately results in an explosive confrontation between mother and daughter, which threatens to tear the fabric of their delicate relationship once and for all.

The audience raved about the world premiere:

“Sitting in the audience, one cannot anticipate from one breath to the next whether one will be laughing or crying.”

“Nuanced and powerful. As a woman who had a complicated relationship with my mother, and who didn’t always know how to deal with my mother’s dementia in the early years, I identified with Dotty.”

“Wonderful new American play! This is going to break big, I think, what with Boomers and all. You may have seized the lightning.”

“Unbelievably touching and bittersweet production! The theme is universal and touches all of us!”

“It was such a pleasure watching these terrific actresses in this moving and hilarious play!”

Featuring the original world premiere cast and director:

  • Daphne Louise Parker: Camilla Schade
  • Mabel Bean: Carolyn Cadigan
  • Dorothy (“Dotty”) Parker: Kristin Sad
  • Stage Manager: Ross Haarstad
  • Directed by Rachel Hockett

One weekend—four shows– only!

July 22, 23, 24:

Friday at 6:00 pm: Opening-night gala price of $35 includes wine & horsdeuvres and your ticket to the show (curtain at 7:30)!

Saturday at 2:00 and 7:30 pm

Sunday at 2:00 pm

All seats for Saturday and Sunday performances: $20

Get your tickets three ways, including your gala tickets:

Call 607-272- 0570


At the door: 30 minutes before curtain. Gala tickets at the door at 5:30 on opening night, 7/22.

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