ITHACA, NY – @DCJohnPlumb on Twitter (and Facebook) seems to have an unhealthy obsession with President Barack Obama — almost every tweet or post from these accounts references the president in some fashion.

The real John Plumb is a Democrat who is challenging Congressman Tom Reed for the 23rd New York Congressional District seat, which includes Ithaca and Tompkins County.

Plumb is not, to our knowledge, not some sort of obsessed Obama fanboy. Rather, these accounts are the work of Reed’s campaign looking to discredit his opponent.

It’s been a common line of attack for Reed against Plumb, painting him as a Washington insider and crony to Obama and Hillary Clinton.

One post features a photoshopped comic of Plumb consulting a “What Would Obama Do” bracelet to decide whether or not to support Hillary Clinton for president. Another is a “father’s day card” to Obama, casting him as a father figure for Plumb.

(Featured images courtesy of “DC John Plumb” Facebook page)
(Featured images courtesy of “DC John Plumb” Facebook page)

The ruse seems to have duped at least a few people. Several Facebook commenters have responded to fake Plumb’s posts, hurling colorful insults and questioning why Fake Plumb would be bragging about, for example, working with Obama on the Iran nuclear deal.

Reed defended the accounts. According to he told reporters during a conference call: “Obviously there’s a contrast between myself and my opponent and we want to make sure people understand what John Plumb is all about.’’

“I think I’m running against a dishonest politician who’s desperate. And now he’s added fraud to his work. I think he has no record to stand on. So this is what he’s done,” was Plumb’s response during an interview, according to the same article.

Michael Smith

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