UPDATE 8:00 p.m.: Claudia Brenner of the group, Enraged USA, clarified that the protesters aren’t seeking just a response from Reed. Rather they are looking for a change in his voting on gun control issues, and ultimately to see him ousted in this year’s election.

Previously —

ITHACA, NY – A group protesting Congressman Tom Reed’s stance on gun control say they will continue their demonstrations until they get a response from Reed.

Last week, a group protested outside of Tom Reed’s offices in both Ithaca and Corning.

Another rally will take place on Friday, July 1, at 3 PM at Reed’s office at 401 East State Street in Ithaca, according to a press release from the group. Simultaneous protests will take place across the 23rd Congressional District.

“I firmly support our right to bear arms,” Reed said in a statement Ithaca Voice regarding last week’s protest. “It is only fair that our families maintain their Constitutionally guaranteed rights. I am standing with our families and protecting their rights.

“We need to combat the real enemy here which is ISIS. We also need to better address our mental health system through legislation like Dr. Tim Murphy’s (R-PA) which I am co-sponsoring,” he added.


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