Jeffrey Horton. (File Photo/The Ithaca Voice)

ITHACA, N.Y. — Jeffrey Horton, a man accused of raping and attacking a woman in Dryden last year, took the stand in his own defense Thursday morning.

He’s the first witness to be called by attorney Ken Moynihan in the trial, after four days of opening statements and witnesses called by prosecutor Assistant District Attorney Diane Lama.

Horton is facing 14 charges for the alleged crimes.

He admits to physically attacking the woman but says the sex they had the night of the incident was consensual.

During his testimony, he became emotional at times, getting choked up as he talked about the good times in their relationship.

Some of the revelations during the morning include his admission that he falsely called the police to report that the woman was driving drunk and that he claims he was living at her home in the days just before the attack.

He said he slapped for 10 to 15 seconds and restrained her after she punched him in the face.

Directly before court was dismissed for lunch, he said he planned to go back home after hitting the woman, but she asked him to stay.

He said she told him, “You can’t leave me here like this. Make love to me.”

The woman previously testified that she was brutally attacked and raped for about two hours.

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Correction: This story initially incorrectly stated the number of charges Horton is facing.

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