ITHACA, NY. — Three people were arrested at second dam after refusing to stop cliff jumping and repeatedly taunting gorge rangers who were trying to convince them to stop.

The three people were allegedly jumping from cliffs into the water around 5 p.m. Monday when the incident happen, the Tompkins County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release.

Police said, “Gorge Rangers attempted to prevent several people in the area from jumping from the cliffs located on the north and south side of the Second Dam by advising them that it was against the law to be in the water. Their efforts to have the people stop jumping from the cliffs were met with taunts, profanity and personal verbal comments made by three individuals towards the Gorge Rangers.”

Richard C. Hokenson, 26, of Fairport; Stephanie S. Trimaldi, 26, of Rochester; and Britany A. Monpere, 23, of Penfield were charged with disorderly conduct. They were issued a ticket and scheduled to appear in the town of Ithaca court at 4 p.m. on July 13.

Featured image of people cliff jumping into second dam during the summer of 2015. Photo by Jolene Almendarez/The Ithaca Voice

Jolene Almendarez

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