ITHACA, NY – On Tuesday, Tompkins County school districts held votes for their budgets and Boards of Education. Here are the results.

Several districts had no competition for Board of Education seats and only Dryden saw an incumbent unseated. Lansing, Newfield and Trumansburg are gaining new members due to vacancies on their boards.

With the exception of Ithaca City School District, who has not yet released the results of its vote, all of the schools’ proposed budgets and other propositions on the ballots, all of them passed with wide margins.

Ithaca City School District

The Ithaca City School District has not yet released official voting results. According to a report from WHCU, the results are still unknown due to a large number of write-in votes, estimated to be near 1,000.

According to a tweet from board of education member Brad Grainger, unofficial results indicate that the districts budget and propositions on the ballot passed by 2-1 margins.

Dryden Central School District

Seven candidates were competing for three seats on the Dryden Board of Education.

One of the two incumbents, Andy Young, held on to his seat. Margie Malepe and Bev Dodici claimed the other two.

The school’s $37,850,148 budget plan and the other three proposals on the table passed. The other proposals involved the purchase of new vehicles, funding for limited repair of the elementary school roof, and the establishment of a %5 million capital reserve fund, to be filled over a 10-year period.

Groton Central School District

The only two Groton Board of Education candidates were incumbents Linda Competillo and Jean Wannall, who both keep their seats.

The school’s $19,077,883 budget, the only proposition on the ballot, passed.

Lansing Central School District

There were three open seats on the Lansing Board of Education available and three candidates. Incumbent Christine Iacobucci retains her seat, joined by the newly elected Sue Tabrizi and Aaron Thompson.

The school’s $28,047,000 proposed budget and two other propositions on the ballot all passed with over 80 percent approval. The other propositions involved the purchase of new vehicles and and the establishment of a capital reserve fund to be used for construction costs.

Newfield Central School District

Four candidates were competing for three seats on the Newfield Board of Education. Both of the incumbents held on to their seats, while James Grochocinski took the third.

The school’s budget plan and the other three proposals on the ballot passed with wide margins. The proposals involved purchasing new vehicles, an $18.8 million bond to fund construction and renovations and a net zero energy project.

Trumansburg Central School District

There were three vacancies on the Trumansburg Board of Education, with four candidates competing. The two incumbents, Jane Gallagher and Gary Astles held their seats, and will be joined by new board member Sarah Vakkas.

The schools $24,821,750 proposed budget and one other proposition for the purchase of new buses, both passed.

Michael Smith

Michael Smith reports on politics and local news for the Ithaca Voice. He can be reached via email at, by cell at (607) 229-0885, or via Google Voice at (518) 650-3639.