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ITHACA, NY – On Saturday, June 4th at 11:30 AM on the Commons in downtown Ithaca, Renovus Solar will launch the first “pay-as-you-go” community solar program in New York State.

Pay-as-you-go community solar offers everyone who pays an electricity bill a new choice: monthly solar electricity from a local company that’s 10% cheaper than market rate.

Pay-as-you-go community solar is more similar to a monthly cell phone plan than a traditional solar purchase. Customers sign up to purchase electricity from Renovus Community Solar for a one-year term at a rate that is 10% below what the utility company charges for electricity. It’s available to everyone who pays an electricity bill to NYSEG, including renters and low income households.

In the traditional model for purchasing solar, homeowners invest in panels that are installed on their roof to meet their electricity needs. With pay-as-you-go community solar, subscribers simply purchase solar power each month, instead of electricity from the utility company.

The solar power comes from local community solar farms. There’s no up-front purchase, no income or credit requirement, no panels located on a customer’s property, no tax paperwork to fill out, just the choice of where electricity comes from. There is no limit to how much solar power a subscriber can sign up for. They have the option to upsize or downsize at the end of each year to meet their energy needs, with no long term commitment.

Only 1,000 pay-as-you-go community solar subscriptions will be offered initially, made available at the launch event on June 4th at 11:30am at The Ithaca Festival. Reservations for these subscriptions will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Construction of the community solar farms to serve these customers will begin in the summer of 2016 and reservations will be honored in the order that they are received.

Everyone interested in choosing cheaper, cleaner local power is invited to sign up at The Ithaca Festival on Saturday, June 4th, with kickoff at 11:30am at the Bernie Milton Pavilion. This event is being produced in partnership with the Ithaca Festival – for each person who registers for pay-as-you-go community solar, Renovus Solar will make a donation to the Ithaca Festival.

For more information, go to or contact Emma Hewitt, Marketing Manager,, (607) 277-1777.

(Featured photo courtesy of Renovus Solar’s Facebook page)

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