ITHACA, N.Y. — More than 100 people braved a cold Saturday morning to attend the Climate Solution Fair in Press Bay Alley.

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If you missed it, Sam Scott — a 13-year-old Ithaca Voice photography intern who attends Boynton Middle School — took photos of the event and gives a quick introduction about the festivities below:

Ithaca’s Press Bay Alley hosting Climate Solutions Fair: We Can Fix This & It Will Be Fun photos of the various events going on such as; electric bike trials, climate solutions quizzes, food trucks, solar panel companies, The Physics Bus, music and more. This event was to support and teach people about various ways we can help fix some of the climate problems humans have caused. There were some solar panel events that had people talking about solar energy. There was some local music playing including the New Roots Rock Band. People seemed to enjoy themselves in all of the activities especially riding electric bikes from a local company called Boxy Bikes.

Disclosure: Sam Scott is affiliated with the Ithaca Generator, a Press Bay Alley business. The Ithaca Voice editors do not feel any organization was given preferential treatment because of his affiliation. 

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