ITHACA, N.Y. — Court records revealed at least part of the conversation a group of teens had over the weekend when an Ithaca High School student threatened to shoot students in the cafeteria.

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Jacob Rollins-Young, 17, was charged late on Monday with felony making a terroristic threat, the Ithaca Police Department said in a news release. He is accused of threatening to kill a student and shoot other students at the Ithaca High School cafeteria.

School officials previously said Rollins-Young will not be on campus for the rest of the week and that increased police presence would be at IHS all week. School officials then released a second email stating that they will not be informing people whether Rollins-Young will be expelled or suspended. The emails can be read in their entirety here and here.

According to court documents obtained from Ithaca City Court, Rollins-Young displayed a map of the school and threatened to shoot people with an AK-47. He also made an image of a tombstone with the name of a student written across it.

At one point, he asks another student to remove a post — which is not shown in court documents — unless the student wants to be responsible for “mass death.” Rollins-Young says several times in the conversation that he is not joking about the threat.

His name of Facebook is listed as Azure Matthew Rollins, the records state.

The following images were available in court documents revealing at least part of the conversation about the incident (Note: It does not appear that court documents showed every part of the conversation the teens had last weekend on Facebook. The images have also been edited to protect the identity of underage students not being charged with a crime.):


(Images of court documents created and edited by Jolene Almendarez, of The Ithaca Voice.)

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Jolene Almendarez

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