Ithaca, NY – We’ve all heard the claim that Ithaca has more restaurants per capita than New York City. Whether or not that oft-cited superlative is true, one thing is clear: Ithacans love food.

In this small city, there is an uncannily wide selection of different cuisines and atmospheres to choose from. Ithaca boasts food trucks and fine dining, dance bars and cocktail lounges.

Cooking styles range from Turkish, Ethiopian, Thai, French, and everything in between. And behind the scenes at each of these eateries, a multitude of chefs, owners, and staff keep Ithacans delighted with creative new dishes and drinks.

There would be no such culinary diversity without diners to support it. Patrons from all over the world sit down to eat at Ithaca’s restaurant tables. Some are avid cooks, some struggle to boil pasta, but all are hungry.

We at the Ithaca Voice are excited to announce a new initiative that we’re calling “Dining Partnerships.” The Ithaca Voice advertising team will post recipes, articles, photos and videos of delicious food in collaboration with Dining Partner restaurants.

We’ve designed these partnerships to keep in line with our mission to provide great content to readers as well as valuable advertising to the local businesses that support us.

As a Dining Partner, a local restaurant will be able to show off the mouth-watering dishes that they work so hard to create.

By following the Ithaca Voice Dining section on our website and social media, our readers will never miss out on the latest must-try meal specials, events, recipes, and more from their favorite restaurants.

I’m sure somewhere out there, there is a tiny sect of humanity that actually follows along with the instructions on cooking shows, or books flights to try dishes they see on travel shows. (Our Head of Dining Partnerships, Jennifer Wholey, is probably one of them.)

However, I feel that I’m part of a silent majority of people that watch other people cook, think “Wow, that looks good,” turn off the TV, and make a PB&J. The great thing about all the food you will see on our site is that you can go right around the corner and eat it.

We hope to bring all of Ithaca’s restaurateurs and diners together in one place to discover and discuss the thriving food culture of this town. So sit down, don’t spoil your appetite, and watch out for some great Ithaca eats on our website, Facebook, and Twitter!

Mike Blaney

Mike Blaney is the executive director and co-founder of The Ithaca Voice.