MANHATTAN BEACH, CA – Lee Reherman, a former Cornell student athlete who went on to become one of the stars of American Gladiators TV show, died on Tuesday at age 49 according to a CNN report.

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Reherman was perhaps best known as “The Hawk,” one of the colorful athletes who served as living obstacles to contestants on American Gladiators. He also appeared in a number of other small television, movie and voiceover roles. Reherman was also the regular host of two car-themed shows on the Speed network, as well as producing many shows on the network.

Reherman graduated from Cornell in 1988. While there, he was a two-time All-Ivy offensive lineman for the football team. Before getting into show businesses, Reherman had completed his MBA at UCLA and was pursuing a doctorate in economics.

His manager, Kathy Carther, told CNN, “He was such a light of sunshine, always positive in good and bad times. He had so many fans, not just of Hawk or his Disney shows but just life fans. You can’t forget Lee Reherman. … He was one of my best friends.”

Reherman was found dead by his girlfriend in his home in Manhattan Beach, California.

Cause of death wasn’t immediately known, but the former athlete hadn’t been feeling well in recent days after undergoing hip replacement surgery, according to an Associated Press report.

Reherman is survived by his father and two brothers.

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Michael Smith

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