ITHACA, NY – The Ithaca Plan, the result of two years of work from a task force formed by Mayor Svante Myrick, was officially unveiled on Wednesday, Feb. 24.

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The Ithaca Voice has been providing in-depth coverage exploring every aspect of the plan since the plan was first announced. Below, you’ll find an organized list of links to each of our stories on the topic.

We’ll continue to add more stories as our coverage continues over the coming days and months.


This article provides a brief overview of what the plan is about and touches on the “four pillars” strategy that is the foundation for the plan:

The next article provides a breakdown of 13 of the over 20 recommendations that were highlighted by Mayor Svante Myrick at the press conference unveiling the plan:


This article provides some background information about the Vancouver model for drug policy, which The Ithaca Plan heavily draws from.

The Four Pillars

This series covers each of the “four pillars” of The Ithaca Plan in depth.

First, the Prevention Pillar, which focuses on ways to keep people from using drugs or getting involved in the drug trade:

Next is the Harm Reduction Pillar — the most controversial of the lot — which covers topics like heroin assisted therapy and supervised injection facilities:

Third is the Treatment Pillar, which focuses on medicated detox treatments for heroin addiction, like methadone and suboxone, and touches on the costs associated with current treatment options (or lack thereof):

Finally, there’s the Law Enforcement Pillar, which explains how drug enforcement might change to help users end into treatment instead of going to jail — which ultimately leads to the “revolving door” problem:


Since The Ithaca Plan is still just a plan, this article explores how that plan might be instituted and the hurdles that will need to be overcome.

Community Reactions

Coming soon! We will be speaking with local politicians and other community members to get their opinions on this plan.

The Ithaca Plan

You can read the full document below:

The Ithaca Plan: A Public Health and Safety Approach to Drugs and Drug Policy

You can also see part of our video from the Feb. 24 press conference announcing The Ithaca Plan – due to technical difficulties, we did not capture the entirety of the conference.

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Michael Smith

Michael Smith reports on politics and local news for the Ithaca Voice. He can be reached via email at, by cell at (607) 229-0885, or via Google Voice at (518) 650-3639.