This is the third part of several stories in a series that will discuss changes happening at the West Village Apartments regarding law enforcement, crime and quality of life issues residents face.

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ITHACA, N.Y. — The Ithaca Police Department recently announced that officers are living rent-free at the West Village Apartments in an effort to reduce crime in the area.

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The officers’ living arrangements are just one of several changes happening at the West Village Apartments that are meant to help reduce crime and improve the quality of life for people who live there.

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But how much worse is crime, specifically violent crime, in West Village when compared to the rest of the city?

Officer Jamie Williamson said there is not currently a reasonable way to document all calls for service in West Village or any other location in Ithaca. However, the Ithaca Police Department issues news releases about all major violent crimes that happen in in the city.

Using news releases stretching back for the past three years, The Voice has plotted the violent crimes on the map below. It should be noted that this is not a map of all reported crimes in Ithaca.

Here are three tips for using the map:

Each year can be separately displayed

Crime for each year is sorted into layers, displayed in the drop-down located at the upper left side of the map. Each year can be individually displayed by unclicking the other layers. This can make it easier to read the data and compare the crimes year-to-year.

Links to the crimes are provided in the description box

Links to IPD news releases are provided in the description box of each marker.

The Ithaca Voice launched on June 15, 2014. Any crimes on the map that occur after that date have likely been further reported on by The Voice. You can search for more stories — including follow-ups and court appearances — related to many of the crimes by typing them into the searchbar, located in the upper right corner on our homepage. 

The crimes are color coded

Red: Shooting or shots fired | Purple: Robbery or attempted robbery | Orange: stabbing | Blue: Other notable crime such as assault, menacing, hate crimes etc. | Green: Rape

Takeaways from the map

1) There is not more crime in West Village than all of Ithaca

Crime in West Village is more condensed than in other places in Ithaca, but it doesn’t have more crime than all the rest of Ithaca combined.

For instance,  there may be a slew of robberies evident along West State Street and at least three shootings reported near the intersection of  South Plain Street and Cleveland Avenue, but those incidents are more dispersed than the crimes near the West Village Apartments.

There were, however, five shootings reported at or near the West Village Apartments since 2013, one more than in the entire city during the same timeframe.

2) Large, violent fights primarily happen in the West Village Apartments

Four large fights were reported at or near the West Village apartment that resulted in someone being stabbed or assaulted. In the city of Ithaca, only two people were seriously injured in large fights.

3) West End has the most violent crime in the city

West End, which expands for blocks west of the Commons, actually has more violent crime than the West Village neighborhood. It has had the most assaults and robberies than all of Ithaca for the past three years. The area is, granted, much more spread out than the West Village neighborhood.

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Jolene Almendarez

Jolene Almendarez is Managing Editor at The Ithaca Voice. She can be reached at; you can learn more about her at the links in the top right of this box.