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ITHACA, N.Y. — The one thing everyone seems to know about the city of Ithaca is that it has more restaurants per capita than New York City.

That combined with the fact that Ithaca is one of the best cities to walk to work at in the country makes it ripe to be in the business of delivering food.

Here is an overview of some of the companies that are now offering online food ordering platforms and what you should know about each of them:


Ithaca-To-Go is a locally owned and operated online food ordering platform for delivery.

They were founded in 2007 and now have a fleet of drivers delivering food from more than 40 local restaurants.

When you order food from Ithaca-To-Go, your food will be delivered from an independent contractor who works with Ithaca-To-Go, not a delivery driver who works for the restaurant you’re ordering from.

Food ordered through Ithaca-To-Go is expected to arrive within about 35 to 45 minutes.


Grubhub came to Ithaca in September of 2011 with their acquisition of Campus Food, an online ordering platform that catered to college students.

It’s a wildly popular online food-ordering platform with over 40 restaurants to choose from in Ithaca.

Orders can be for pick-up or delivery. When you order delivery, the delivery driver is an employee of the restaurant being ordered from, not an independent contractor.


More for workplace meetings and corporate events, ezCater provides a simple platform to choose a local caterer and order the food for delivery.

According to David Meiselman, CMO of ezCater, “ezCater is the only nationwide online marketplace for business catering. The company’s easy online ordering process and 5-star customer service connect business people with reliable catering for any meeting or event, anywhere in the United States. To date, ezCater has served more than 6.5 million people within companies ranging from startups to those on the Fortune 500.”

They have nine restaurants in Ithaca signed up for the service.

David Meiselman also noted, “If any recent college graduates are interested in a dynamic, fast-growing work environment and are headed east, feel free to check out ezCater’s careers page or reach out to our team about employment opportunities.”


That’s right, you can now order fast food delivery from McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Panera Bread, Chipolte, Dunkin Donuts and more.

The use of smart phones and the internet created the new business model that emerged to create the service of delivering fast food.

Ithaca Fast Food puts it like this, “We are a local delivery company that delivers what you crave. We act like your delivering waiter. Tell us what you want and we will go get it and deliver it to you as fast as possible.”


Eat24 is owed by Yelp, the popular Internet review company.

Eat24 is similar to Grubhub but has a much smaller presence in Ithaca with 14 restaurants signed up.

Like Grubhub, they don’t have their own drivers but simply offer a convenient online food-ordering platform for either pick up or delivery.

Did we miss an online food delivery company here in Ithaca? Email us at and we’ll add it to the list. 

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Jolene Almendarez

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