ITHACA, NY – “I want the cops here right now!” called a clearly upset woman from the back of the Enfield gymnasium.

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It was approaching the end of an over two-hour-long, often heated discussion about the Black Oak Wind Farm, a proposed set of seven wind turbines to be located in Enfield. The meeting hadn’t been without its loud moments of chaotic cross-talk, but it appeared as though things had escalated.

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“I haven’t been able to talk all night because I’ve had a gag clause… I’m afraid I’m gonna get sued! And then the wind people just grabbed my arm. This is the kind of shit I’m talking about!” said the woman, whom the police report identified as Theresa Guler of Enfield.

Margeurite Wells, vice president and project manager for Black Oak, has denied that the Good Neighbor Agreement signed by some residents carried a “gag clause.”

A man, who identified himself as Guler’s husband, added, “Lexie just grabbed her arm and pulled her out the door… that’s real nice representation from the board of Black Oak Wind Farm.”

The person he was referring to was Lexie Hain, who serves as secretary on Black Oak’s Board of Managers.

Details of the police report

Here is how Guler described the event to the Tompkins deputy:

I walked out of the gym area to get a drink. When I did so, I noticed a female named Lexie staring at me. She was doing this in a way that made me feel intimidated. Lexie and I have a history because she is upset with me and Rich Teeter about the wind project.

As I was walking, Lexie grabbed onto my left arm near my elbow and squeezed. I instantly felt pain, and she wouldn’t let go. I have had nerve problems in that arm, and this has made it worse. I was scared and in a lot of pain from what Lexie did to me. I don’t get into fights, and I did not start this.

Guler declined to have an order of protection issued.

Following an investigation, Hain was charged with “harassment in the second degree: physical contact.” She is due to appear in Enfield town court on January 4.

Hain made the following statement to the Ithaca Voice: “As reported, tensions at the meeting were high and it is not uncommon for misunderstandings to occur in such situations. This was certainly the case in this instance.”

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Michael Smith

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