1 — Do you want to spend $10 to get $20?

2 — Do you want to support in-depth, investigative reporting about crucial topics in Ithaca?

3 — Then you should both save and read through “Spotlight on Ithaca,” a new project from the Ithaca Voice that will give readers $20 in store credit for one of many beloved establishments if they donate $10 to our in-depth reporting fund.

Donate to ‘Spotlight on Ithaca’

Here’s how it works:

The project offers readers a discount at one of 10 local businesses in exchange for a donation to this Ithaca Voice investigative reporting fund.

Each reward is of a higher value than the donation you need to claim it.

Why are we doing this?

The Ithaca Voice was launched last year because local newspapers across the country are in the middle of a financial free fall that has dramatically cut the number of reporters nationwide.

This is a crisis — not only for those who love reading quality journalism, but also for communities suddenly bereft of the reporting and scrutiny that, as Thomas Jefferson once said, are essential for the functioning of free societies.

Donate to ‘Spotlight on Ithaca’

That’s why we’re excited to launch “Spotlight on Ithaca” today.

We’re hoping it will prove a win-win-win:

— for the Ithaca Voice, which currently can’t afford to subsidize time-intensive, long-form journalism;

— for local businesses, which stand to get more revenue, foot traffic and exposure through their participation in “Spotlight on Ithaca;”

— and, above all, for local readers, who stand to get high-quality writing and reporting in exchange for SAVING — rather than spending — their hard-earned money.

The graphic below contains the rewards for donating; you can also find them on our fundraiser page:

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A Brookings Institute chart shows the decline in newsroom employment across the country.

Click here to donate to “Spotlight on Ithaca!”

Jeff Stein

Jeff Stein is the founder and former editor of the Ithaca Voice.