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ITHACA, N.Y. — Chief John Barber would like to remind residents and visitors that the Ithaca City Code prohibits any person from hunting within the city, and from even possessing a firearm in Stewart Park.

The Tompkins County Environmental Review Committee (ERC) of the Environmental Management Council has been working to clarify and understand the issue of waterfowl hunting within city limits, which northerly limits include a boundary line over a portion of southern Cayuga Lake.

Up until 1994, City law made an exception for waterfowl hunting around the Hogs Hole area of the city. However, in 1994 the city passed a law extending the hunting prohibition to all of the city limits, no exceptions.

More people have been intensely using these areas, especially due to the waterfront trail and the promotion of a “blue way” for human powered boating.

Ithaca Police Department officers will enforce the firearm discharge prohibition in all areas of the city including on the water within the city lake boundary.

Anyone hunting ducks within this boundary will be charged with violating Chapter 219 of the City Code, punishable by a fine of up to $250 or imprisonment of 15 days.

Effective immediately, the City of Ithaca will extend the City’s enforcement of its law against firearm discharge and hunting to include the City’s open water portion of Cayuga Lake (see map of same).

The entire portion of the Ithaca City Code pertaining to waterfowl hunting can befound at:

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Jolene Almendarez

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