UPDATE: In a November 10 meeting, the Faculty Council elected to hold a vote on the issue of confidence in Ithaca College President Tom Rochon, according to The Ithacan. The specifics of the vote will be decided today.

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EARLIER: The school of Health Sciences and Human Performance also voted in favor of a “no confidence” vote. A majority of Ithaca College faculty now support a “no confidence” vote.

In late October, the student government at Ithaca College voted “no confidence” in Ithaca College President Tom Rochon. Soon there was talk of faculty going down the same route.

As previously reported, the School of Humanities and Sciences had already voted to recommend a “no confidence” vote to the Faculty Council.

According to The Ithacan, the college’s newspaper, the Roy H. Park School of Communications has now also voted in favor of a “no confidence” vote. The School of Business has recommended against it.

The School of Health Sciences and Human performances voted Thursday, but the result has not yet been reported. The School of Music has declined to convene for a vote.

The decision ultimately rests with the Faculty Council. If they decide on a vote, then all faculty will be able to cast their lot in the decision.

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Michael Smith

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