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ITHACA, NY – Pierre Innocenti, one of the victims of Saturday’s terrorist attacks in Paris, had spent several months in Cornell’s hospitality management program, according to the New York Times.

Innocenti was with his cousin Stéphane Albertini at the Bataclan concert hall, ready to enjoy American rock band “The Eagles of Death Metal.” Innocenti and Albertini were standing at the bar when the attack began, and were among the casualties when armed men burst into the venue and opened fire.

Innocenti and his cousin, along with Innocenti’s younger brother Charles, were managers of a popular Paris restaurant, Livio. The two had been close since childhood and frequent concert-goers together. Charles had agreed to cover for the two brothers that evening so that they could attend the concert.

Parisian patrons and neighbors of Livio have since gathered at the restaurant, placing bouquets, candles and tributes in honor of the two men.

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Michael Smith

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