ITHACA, N.Y. — The city of Ithaca wasn’t the only community in Tompkins County to hold elections Tuesday night. Here’s a run-down of the results from across the county.

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Caroline proved to be an easy victory for Democrats, as incumbent town board member Irene Weiser and fellow Democratic candidate Gary Reinbolt won election to the Caroline town board by a large margin. Weiser picked up 421 votes, and Reinbolt 410, besting their Republican challengers, Adam Hilker with 268 votes, and Steven Crispell Jr. with 220 votes.


In the town of Dryden, Democrats swept town board elections in a contested set of races.

Current town councilman Jason Leifer (D) won the race for town supervisor against Dryden Independence Party challenger Craig Schutt with a final tally of 1462-1191. Leifer will replace current town supervisor Mary Ann Sumner, who is retiring from her role.

For the two seats up for election on the town board, Deborah Cipolla-Dennis (D) and incumbent town board member Linda Lavine (D) won 1406 and 1409 votes, holding off challenges from Independent candidates Craig Anderson (I) and Thomas Hatfield (I), who received 1224 and 1215 votes respectively.

As before, Democrats will hold all positions on the Dryden town board.


The town of Groton has the unique distinction of being the only town where Republicans swept the ballot box, defeating Democratic opponents.

Long-time town board member Donald Scheffler (R, I) claimed victory over current Planning Board Chair Edward Neuhauser (D) for Groton’s town supervisor position, with a final tally of 579-309.

Randy Jackson (R, I) and incumbent Sheldon Clark (R, I) also staged successful runs, each winning a position on the town council with 606 and 598 votes respectively. Loueen Rosenbush (D) received 272 votes, and Neil Snyder (D) 261 votes.


In a close race, current town board member Ed LaVigne (R, I) unseated Kathy Miller (D) for the town supervisor position, 1231-1082.

However, Democrats can claim victory on the town board, taking LaVigne’s former seat as well as keeping the seat of retiring town board member Ruth Hopkins (D).

Former town councilwomen Katrina Binkewicz (D) and Andra Benson (D) won election to the Lansing town board with 1195 votes for Binkewicz, and 1133 for Benson. Former town board member Connie Wilcox (R, I) was close behind with 1,098 votes, and political newcomer Rick Hayes (R, I) received 1053 votes.

The breakdown of Lansing’s town council remains 3 Republicans, 2 Democrats.


With two town board seats up for election, incumbent town board member Casey Powers (D) and newcomer Michael Allinger (D), received 502 votes and 482 votes respectively. Candidate Norm Aidun (R) received 358 votes, and Diana Payne-Bryant (R) 349 votes.

As well as Power’s seat on the board, town councilman Roy Trask (R) opted to not run for office again. The election gives Democrats a 3-1 majority on the Newfield town council.

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Brian Crandall

Brian Crandall reports on housing and development for the Ithaca Voice. He can be reached at