This story was originally published in October 2014 but is being republished today because Applefest is returning to downtown Ithaca this weekend.

Learn more about this weekend’s festivities here.

Ithaca, N.Y. —How do you like them apples?

To celebrate Apple Fest, Ithaca’s favorite mythical creature, @LakeBeast, created a quiz.

Can you tell which are apples, which are places at Cornell and which are racehorses? (Answer key at the bottom)

Goldwin Smith
Golden Delicious
Coffee School
Early Joe
Goldsmith Maid
Chelmsford Wonder
Financial Officer
War Memorial
Arkansas Black
Red Rum
Flora Rose
Coffee Conundrum
Rawlings Green
Juice Master
Hegemony Honey
Kennedy Road
Golden Spire
Central Heating
Stayman Winesap
Acapulco Gold
Eddy Gate
Tunnel Circuit
Cooperative Extension
Golden Fleece
Minns Garden
East Hall
Wildcat Red
Holy Sauce
Big Red
Ithacan DO
Bloody Ploughman
Vacant Lot
Just About Music
Dr. Fager
Two Naked Guys
Sturmer Pippin
Jelly Baby Red
Green Mole
King Shaw
Sweet Virginia
Wellbourne Hall
Willard Straight
Book Bound

Answers below!

Key: A=Apple, C=Place at Cornell, R=Racehorse

Goldwin Smith C
Golden Delicious A
Coffee School R
Green C
Early Joe A
Goldsmith Maid R
Baker C
Chelmsford Wonder A
Financial Officer R
Braeburn A
War Memorial C
Crisp R
Arkansas Black A
Red Rum R
Flora Rose C
Ambrosia A
Coffee Conundrum R
Rawlings Green C
Juice Master R
Appel C
Hegemony Honey R
Sage C
Discovery A
Kennedy Road R
Golden Spire A
Central Heating C
Stayman Winesap A
Acapulco Gold R
Yates A
Eddy Gate C
Tunnel Circuit R
Crispin A
Cooperative Extension C
Golden Fleece R
Chenango A
Minns Garden C
East Hall R
Wildcat Red R
Cortland A
Holy Sauce R
Big Red C
Ithacan DO R
Enterprise A
Bloody Ploughman A
Vacant Lot C
Just About Music C
Dr. Fager R
Two Naked Guys C
Sturmer Pippin A
Jelly Baby Red R
Cameo A
Green Mole R
Holstein A
King Shaw C
Catshead A
Sweet Virginia R
Gravenstein A
Wellbourne Hall R
Willard Straight C
Gala A
Book Bound R

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Jeff Stein

Jeff Stein is the founder and former editor of the Ithaca Voice.