ITHACA,  N.Y. — A Tompkins County sheriff’s deputy was indicted Friday morning on five felonies and 11 misdemeanors following accusations of wrongdoing that lasted four months, court records show.

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Jeremy Vann is charged with allegedly attacking a woman, hitting her dog, pinning the woman to the floor repeatedly, trying to prevent her from calling 911, and concealing evidence of the crime, according to information obtained in records through the Freedom of Information Law.

According to indictment paperwork, Vann’s alleged attack on the woman in March was preceded by several months of illegal activities. It’s unclear how or if the crimes are related.

Previous records released did not make it clear that the alleged crimes happened over a period of months; below is a timeline of when the crimes reportedly occurred.

Since his arrest and subsequent suspension from the department in March, Vann has continued to be paid for his job, officials said.

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Tompkins County Administrator Joe Mareane  said, “Under the terms of the collective bargaining agreement . . . if a deputy is put on suspension for disciplinary reasons, he’s given full compensation” until the case is adjudicated.

Other than a news release confirming the indictment issued from District Attorney Gwen Wilkinson’s office Friday morning, no further information has been released about the charges and she said the office is declining to provide additional comments on the case.

We compiled a timeline of charges with details available in court records and information obtained through the Freedom of Information Law; below show when the crime is alleged to have happened:

December 2014

— Prohibited use of a weapon

Discharged a weapon in a public place where other people were in danger of being injured.

—Prohibition on the use and possession of firearms

Fired a gun within 500 feet of a home, building or other structure. It’s not clear why the gun was fired.

January 2015 

— Third-degree robbery

—Third-degree criminal tampering

February 28 2015

— Fourth-degree grand larceny

Vann stole a debit or credit card from a purse.

March 29-30 2015

— Third-degree assault

— Third-degree robbery

— Criminal obstruction of breathing

Vann is accused of applying pressure “on the throat or neck … with intent to impede the normal breathing or circulation of the blood of another person” by putting his victim in a chokehold and preventing the person from breathing for a period of time, police records state.

—Second-degree unlawful imprisonment

— Third-degree criminal mischief

Caused more than $250 worth of damage to another person’s property. He allegedly damaged a coffee table and bathroom door by tearing off the door and frame and smashing the legs of the coffee table, according to court records.

—Fourth-degree criminal mischief (Two counts)

Prevented  a person from calling for emergency assistance 

March 30 2015

—Tampering with physical evidence

Vann tried hiding evidence of damage to a wooden coffee table and wooden bathroom door by “loading the damaged items into the vehicle he was operating.”

April 2015

—Fourth-degree tampering with a witness

Vann knowingly made false statements or acted deceitfully to affect a person’s testimony.

—Second-degree attempted coercion

Vann attempted to persuade a woman to engage in conduct by stating that he would accuse her of a crime or cause criminal charges to be pressed against her.

—Second-degree attempted coercion

Vann attempted to persuade a woman to engage in conduct by stating that he would expose a secret or fact (true or not) that would subject her to ridicule, hatred or contempt from others.

Editor Jeff Stein and Intern Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs contributed to this report. 

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Jolene Almendarez

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