ITHACA, N.Y. — Court records have revealed new details about charges against Tompkins Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy Vann, who has been accused of robbery and assault.

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Vann was arraigned last week on five felonies and 11 misdemeanors, including two counts of robbery, tampering with physical evidence and criminal mischief. He pleaded not guilty to the charges Sept. 9.

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In court documents previously unavailable to the public, the following details were provided about Vann’s charges:

December 2014

— Prohibited use of a weapon

—Prohibition on the use and possession of firearms

After arguing in Enfield with his ex-girlfriend at the time, Vann was in her driveway when he pulled a gun out of his vehicle, pointed it at his head and claimed he was going to kill himself. When his ex-girlfriend’s back was turned, he fired the pistol “making the victim think he had shot himself but he did not in fact shoot himself.”

January 2015 

— Third-degree robbery

—Third-degree criminal tampering

While at a fitness center in Ithaca, he got into a dispute with his girlfriend at the time, took her phone away from her and left the facility.

February 28 2015

— Fourth-degree grand larceny

In the city of Ithaca, Vann appeared at a home where his ex-girlfriend was spending the night and, while people were sleeping, began knocking on the door and demanding to be let inside. After Vann was allegedly rebuffed, he stole his ex-girlfriend’s purse —  which contained her ID, credit and debit cards and money.

March 29-30 2015

— Third-degree assault

He is also accused of throwing his former girlfriend down a flight of stairs and slamming her foot in a doorway when she asked him to leave her Enfield home.

While Vann was a guest at his ex-girlfriend’s home, the two began arguing and Vann is accused of pinning the victim to the floor, slapping the victim in the face and screaming at the victim, according to police records.

She was allegedly able to break free from his hold after kicking him, ran outside and hid in a truck.

— Criminal obstruction of breathing

Vann allegedly put his ex-girlfriend in a choke hold after she threw a bottle at a wall “to scare him.”

— Third-degree robbery

He left the apartment with his ex-girlfriend’s cellphone.

—Second-degree unlawful imprisonment

— Third-degree criminal mischief

Caused more than $250 worth of damage to another person’s property. He allegedly damaged a coffee table and bathroom door by tearing off the door and frame and smashing the legs of the coffee table, according to court records.

He’s also accused of “trashing” his ex-girlfriend’s apartment.

—Fourth-degree criminal mischief (Two counts)

Prevented  a person from calling for emergency assistance by taking his ex-girlfriend’s phone and breaking a landline phone.

March 30 2015

—Tampering with physical evidence

Vann tried hiding evidence of damage to a wooden coffee table and wooden bathroom door by “loading the damaged items into the vehicle he was operating” when he left his ex-girlfriend’s Enfield home.

April 2015

—Fourth-degree tampering with a witness

—Second-degree attempted coercion (2 counts)

Through a mutual friend, Vann was told his ex-girlfriend with text messages that he would have her arrested or publicly reveal information about her if she did not meet with her attorney to make the case “go away.”

Editor Jeff Stein and Intern Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs contributed to this report. 

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Jolene Almendarez

Jolene Almendarez is Managing Editor at The Ithaca Voice. She can be reached at; you can learn more about her at the links in the top right of this box.