Kweli on the Commons Thursday night. Jeff Lower/Ithaca Voice

ITHACA, N.Y. — Hip-hop legend Talib Kweli confirmed on Twitter Thursday night that someone threw her shoes at him during his show on the Ithaca Commons before being escorted out.

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Kweli sent the below Tweet to his approximately 1 million followers after the show:

Kweli spoke extensively and passionately about the importance of Black Lives Matter, and its connection to his music, during the free show on the Commons on Thursday.

Thousands appeared to have attended the event, which was predicted beforehand to be likely to produce the biggest turnout on the Ithaca Commons in years. In general, his speech about Black Lives Matter received a very positive reception — as did the show overall — with thousands yelling and clapping their approval.

Kweli on the Commons Thursday night. Jeff Lower/Ithaca Voice

The shoe-thrower appeared to be the exception.

On Twitter after the show, Kweli said that the girl interrupted him during his speech about Black Lives Matter by throwing both her wedges. On stage, Kweli called the girl a coward and got the crowd to chant “Bye, Miley!” before later laughing about the incident on Twitter:

The Tweet above is a reference to President George Bush, who successfully ducked after a pair of shoes were thrown at him during a 2008 press conference in Iraq.

Kweli may not have realized, however, that he was actually fitting into a tradition of Ithacans targeting those on stage by throwing shoes. In 2009, then-Mayor Carolyn Peterson had three tossed at her by a protester over the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. (They also missed.)

That shoe-thrower was taken away in an ambulance. The girl from Thursday’s show, on the other hand, had a different end to her night …

But even if one concert-goer had acted out of place, Kweli’s overall impression of Ithaca seemed positive.

“So much love in Ithaca tonight,” he wrote on Twitter.

The feeling was often mutual. As one of his followers said about the show on Instagram: “I thoroughly enjoyed it. Blessings to you King and I wish you continued success. Keep speeding your powerful message.”

Added another: “Keeping true hip hop alive. Awesome performance. Awesome messages.”

And a third: “It was amazing. Thank you.”

Kweli. Ed Dittenhoefer/Ithaca Voice
Ed Dittenhoefer/Ithaca Voice

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Jeff Stein

Jeff Stein is the founder and former editor of the Ithaca Voice.