Photo courtesy of The Shack's Facebook page

ITHACA, N.Y. —The Shack, a local sandwich shop located in TCAT’s Green Street Station, has closed after about two months in business.

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Patty Poist, a TCAT spokesperson, confirmed that The Shack had closed and said that owner Cody Towner was “having financial troubles making ends meet with the business.”

In a previous interview with the Ithaca Voice, Towner said that the location of his shop would help to keep costs down — opposed to as if the shop were on the Commons where, he said, “rent would be 10 times higher and so would our prices.”

Towner could not be reached for comment on The Shack’s closing. In the last six years, prior to The Shack, the building next to the Green Street Pharmacy had housed Gimme Coffee, Lou’s Hotdog Stand and Bonjour Café. All have closed or moved out.

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As for the now empty space in Green Street Station, Poist said that renting out the space to another business is going to take time.

Photo courtesy of The Shack’s Facebook page
Photo courtesy of The Shack’s Facebook page

According to Poist, the Green Street Station was built in 2009 and has been a leased space from Cayuga Green LLC since 2009. In order to rent the area to another business, TCAT will need to advertise the opening and request for a proposal for vender.

In the meantime, TCAT will be hiring temporary workers to monitor the space so that the bathrooms and tables can be open for use during rush hours.

While there is no immediate date for when the space will be open again for the public, Poist said that she is hopeful it will be open, “before it gets too cold.”

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