ITHACA, N.Y. — The recent completion of the Ithaca Commons construction project spurred us to take a look back through the history books.

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Thanks to the good folks at the History Center of Tompkins County, we’ve dug up the following 26 photos of the strip now known as the Commons — going back to the 1840’s (!), when it was known as Owego Street. (That’s a bit of an oversimplification; most of the photos are of what is now the Commons, but some are from blocks nearby.)

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Owego Street was later renamed State Street, which is the title that remained until “the Commons” were constructed in the 1970s.

Those Commons, of course, were significantly overhauled in a renovation that concluded (more or less) last week. For a complementary, contemporary photo gallery, see here.

Below are the 26 photos:

1 — Owego Street in 1840:

2 — Owego Street (State Street) at about 1867:

3 — State and Aurora streets, 1868:

4 — 53 East State Street (now the Commons) in 1875:

5 — The 200 block of East State Street, looking west from Aurora Street, in about 1900:

6 — The “Ithaca Street Railway” of State Street viewed from Cayuga Street in the 1890s

7 — The Ithaca Street Railway again — this time at the intersection of Aurora and State streets, looking west, in the “early 1900s.” You can see the Griffin Building — which housed Simeon’s until last year’s crash — on the right.

8 — East State Street, now the Commons, with the Colonial Building to the right, in “about 1903.”

9 — The 200 block of East State Street in 1921:

10 — This was taken sometime around 1925:

11 — State Street, also in 1925:

12 — Carey Building sidewalk, a block from the Commons, Sept. 13, 1937

13 — State Street of Ithaca in 1939:

14 — In 1943, Aurora Street at night

15 — Taken in 1944, what appears to be looking north from Aurora Street toward State Street

16 — The “Wilgus Block,” at the corner of State and Tioga, on June 8, 1948:

17 — State Street in 1950:

18 — 200 block of East State Street, March 22, 1969:

19 — The Commons in 1975, looking west from Tioga Street. Courtesy of Anton J. Egner and Associates:

And also some photos without apparent dates:

20 —

21 — What appears to be the “Outdoor Store” — maybe from the 1960s?

22 —

23 —

24 —

25 —

26 — 

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Jeff Stein

Jeff Stein is the founder and former editor of the Ithaca Voice.