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ITHACA, N.Y. — Peaceful Fruits is a social good snack startup, on a mission to support eco-friendly development for the people of the Amazon Rainforest and create sustainable, delicious fruit snacks people everywhere can enjoy with peace of mind. Peaceful Fruits was founded by Evan Delahanty (Cornell Arts & Sciences, 2007), a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer with roots in the Ithaca area.

Evan launched the company about a year ago, after finishing his Peace Corps service in Suriname – a small country in South America containing thousands of square miles of virgin Amazon Rainforest.

Evan Delahanty (Provided photo)

He wanted to do something that would continue to support respectful, responsible economic development for the indigenous people in the region while helping the rest of the world learn more about Suriname and the Amazon and remember that saving the rainforest remains an important struggle.

Peaceful Fruits’ snacks are made from 100% organic fruit and the main ingredient is the “superfood” acai. Acai became famous as a great source of antioxidants, but has seen controversy over weight-loss claims.

Evan says he loves it for taste – and the economic opportunity it offers people in the rainforest.  He explains that acai offers the local people a way to generate income without having to abandon their traditional lands or way of life.

Though Evan is now living in Ohio, the first store to start selling his Peaceful Fruits snacks was Manndible Cafe on campus at Cornell.

Manndibles remains one of his most consistent customers. He hopes to be in more stores throughout Ithaca and around the country soon.  The company is still very small, but he hopes to grow and make a difference for the people of the Amazon – and the people around here that are looking for better snacks.

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Jolene Almendarez

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