ITHACA, N.Y. — Tired of wearing rain boots and toting around an umbrella this summer? Well, get used to it.


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More heavy rain, mixed with a few days of spotty sunshine, is expected in Ithaca at least through the end of the month, National Weather Service Meteorologist Ray Brady said.

“It doesn’t look like there’s going to be a change in the pattern,” he said.

Brady said an upper-level trough has been lingering in the northeast for nearly two years, causing air to rise to the east of the trough’s axis and humidity to condense into clouds and precipitation.

In addition the rain, Brady said the trough contributed to the record breaking cold weather and snow last winter.

It rained 6.59 inches in Ithaca during the month of June, according to the Northeast Regional Climate Center. The city normally gets 3.99 inches of rain in June.

This month, it has already rained 2.14 inches, while it usually only rains 3.83 inches the entire month.

Brady said it’s hard to predict whether the rest of the summer will continue being rainy, but he said it doesn’t seem like the upper-level trough is going anywhere.

He recommends that people take advantage of sunny days whenever they’re in the forecast.

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