ITHACA, N.Y. — Police have discovered the identity of the man found walking around a Newfield school twice recently.


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Bus To Nature: Route 22

Lt. Dan Donahue, of the Tompkins County Sheriff’s Office, said a person tipped off authorities about the man’s identity by providing them with Facebook photos. He said police are not releasing the name of the man because they are still trying to make contact with him.

Donahue said the man entered the school through an unlocked window and was “obviously” looking for something specific that he didn’t find. The man did not steal, break or vandalize anything in the school and no children were ever in danger, he said.

Police said possible charges against the man could be criminal trespass or burglary, depending on what he intended to do while in the school.

“It’s hard to determine what he was actually doing until we talk to him,” Donahue said.

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