Michael J. Ruffino

ITHACA, N.Y. — A man was sentenced Monday afternoon to five years in prison for multiple rape charges and possessing child pornography.


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Michael J. Ruffino, 54, pleaded guilty to attempted first-degree rape, second-degree rape, and possession of a sexual performance by a child last month.

He was sentenced to five years in jail for each of the two rape counts and two to four years for the child pornography by County Judge John Rowley. Ruffino will have 20 years of post-release supervision when he gets out of prison.

He could have faced as long as 15 years in prison.

Michael J. Ruffino

Court records showed that Ruffino attempted to rape a child in Newfield during the summer of 2013 and had sex with someone less than 15-years-old between January and March of 2014.

Ruffino was sentenced as a second felony offender.

In 2007, Ruffino admitted to selling more than $50,000 dollars worth of milling inserts on eBay, which were stolen from his former employer, Stork H & E Turbo-blading in Danby.

He pleaded guilty to felonies for second-degree criminal possession of stolen property and fourth-degree conspiracy. He was sentenced to one to three years in prison, according to WBNG News. 

The report says his wife, Renee Ruffino, was sentenced to a conspiracy charge for helping her husband.

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