ENFIELD, N.Y. – An Enfield man who stopped to help a man who was lying on the side of the road was told by the man that he was run over twice.

Nikolai Burgevin, 28, was driving on the 200 block of Halseyville Road around 3:20 p.m. when he noticed a man in an orange polo shirt lying near a mailbox on the side of the road.

A woman with her child were already pulled over talking to the man.

Burgevin said the man — who he described as being in his 40s — was on his stomach with his legs twisted to an awkward angle.

The man told Burgevin that he and a woman were driving toward Trumansburg after making a beer run when they began arguing, so the man got out of the vehicle. He was then struck repeatedly by the vehicle, Burgevin said.

Burgevin was a lifeguard for five years and knows first aid, but the man was saying he had a concussion and was unsure if he could feel his legs.

“If it was a spinal (injury) then I shouldn’t move him,” Burgevin said.

So he and the woman — who says she saw the incident — reassured the man that help was on the way and that he shouldn’t move. He said first responders arrived at the scene in less than 10 minutes.

The Tompkins County Sheriff’s Office, Bangs Ambulance and Enfield firefighters responded to the incident and the patient was airlifted to a hospital by a LifeNet helicopter.

A deputy at the scene declined to comment about the incident, but said officials will release more information in a news release.

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