Lillie, a 2-year-old-German shepherd mix survived being shot in the head last fall.

NEWFIELD, N.Y. – A Newfield man who shot a dog in the head last fall admitted in court Tuesday that he violated his probation twice in April.


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In January, Jeffrey M. Wood was sentenced to 120 days in jail and five years of probation after he shot a 2-year-old German shepherd mix in the head – leaving her to die – because she chewed his internet router. The dog survived the shooting but was permanently blinded.

Lillie, a 2-year-old-German shepherd mix survived being shot in the head last fall.

Wood was taken into custody again in April after he cursed and argued with officers at the Human Services Coalition building on Seneca Street after going into a secure area of the facility, according to authorities.

During the confrontation with police, Wood told a person on a cell phone that “two (expletive) Ithaca PD pigs out here harassing me,” according to a probation report.

Judge Joseph Cassidy said the incident violated a special section of Wood’s probation that requires him to avoid “injurious or vicious habits.” Wood tested positive for alcohol two days later, another violation of his probation.

Defense attorney Seth Peacock said Wood was not drunk during the incident with officers.

“He couldn’t admit to that because that wasn’t the case on that day,” Peacock said.

He said Wood completed a 30-day treatment regimen at the Dick Van Dyke Addiction Treatment Center since then and acknowledges his difficulties with addiction have created a lot of problems in his life.

Cassidy put Wood back on probation, but warned him that he needs to make his outpatient treatment a priority.

Wood could face up to two years in jail if he violates probation again, the maximum sentence for aggravated animal cruelty.

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